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  • Martha and Scott Noel are home-grown Vermonters who have a passion for taking care of their fellow Vermonter’s insurance needs. They insure everything I own except for a condo I rent to others located in NH. So when I learned of a water break issue there over the holiday and couldn’t get my agent here in The Upper Valley to answer my concerns, I called Martha who picked up on the first ring. She set my mind at ease and set me on the path of recovery from damages. Insuring Vermont is the best and most caring insurance company on the planet! P/S. Their rates are pretty darn good too!

    Jude P.

  • Martha sat with us at our kitchen table and listened while we described all the facets of our diversified small farm business. She asked questions and listened intently to the specifics of our answers while also grasping the ‘big picture’ view of our goals and values. She was able to select various options and coverage amounts to give us several different quotes allowing us to align our coverage with our priorities. We are extremely satisfied with our new policy and feel confident that Martha understands our business.Thank you, Martha and Insuring Vermont!

    Neal & Rebekah P.

    Farm Owners
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